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Ferrule Label Printing Machine LK-330 newly designed, extensive and powerful label and ferrule printer. The use is more .

Ferrule Printing Machine Main features:

  • Full English operation interfaces, possible to enter English, numbers, symbols, various editing functions enabled;
  • Ultra-large screen, three-line input and display; each line capable of showing 15 English letters;
  • Fashionable and top-grade white background light LCD display, with status information of more than 10 functions displayed;
  • Fully automatic semi-cutting or full-cutting operation;
  • One-key operation: all functions can be performed by pressing only one key, thus offering a convenient and quick operation;
  • International standard 85-key computer keyboard;
  • Beautiful L-MARK font type, offering a clearer and more lasting print out;
  • With a unique “Correct” key, enabling you to inspect and correct any minute printing length changes caused by material difference;
  • With a unique function of printing selected pages, enabling you to print selected pages in the current file;
  • Ultra-large in-built file memory capacity, able to store more than 100 files, ready to be recalled at any time;
  • L-MARK hi-speed computerized tube printer LK-330PC can be connected to a computer and L-MARK software offers new and versatile man-machine interfaces, compatible with Windows2000/XP operation systems; independent operation at the work site is possible, one machine designed for dual operations;
  • Portable design, suitable to be used for various applications;
  • Ribbons available in black, red and white colors.

Ferrule Printing Machine Specifications Description:



 Mode of printing

 Thermal transfer printing



 Printing character height


 Max number of input pages


 Sleeve tube size printable


 Label size printable


 Printing speed

 11.5mm/sec(with half-cut)


 LCD, white color background, displaying up to 5 lines

 Characters printable

 Chinese, English, number,symble

 Entry method

 Standard 85-key


 About 100,000 characters

 Material cutting method

 Automatic half-cutting, automatic full-cutting

 Power supply

 DC 12V 2A

 Ambient requirements

 Operation: Temp 15℃~35℃

 Relative humidity 10%~85% (without condensation)

 Storage: Temp 5℃~35℃

 Relative humidity 10%~85% (without condensation)

 Overall dimensions



  About 3kg

Ferrule Printing Machine Kolkata Specifications Description:

 Product Code  Product  Package
 LM506WL  Label cassette tape (White 6mm)  5pcs(20m×5)/box
 LM509WL  Label cassette tape (White 9mm)  5pcs(20m×5)/box
 LM512WL  Label cassette tape (White 12mm)  5pcs(20m×5)/box
 LM506YL  Label cassette tape (Yellow 6mm)  5pcs(20m×5)/box
 LM509YL  Label cassette tape (Yellow 9mm)  5pcs(20m×5)/box
 LM512YL  Label cassette tape (Yellow 12mm)  5pcs(20m×5)/box
 LM506SL  Label cassette tape (Silver 6mm)  5pcs(20m×5)/box
 LM509SL  Label cassette tape (Silver 9mm)  5pcs(20m×5)/box
 LM512SL  Label cassette tape (Silver 12mm)  5pcs(20m×5)/box
 LM33B  Ribbon cassette (black)  5pcs(80m×5)/box
 LM33W  Ribbon cassette (white)  5pcs(80m×5)/box
 LM33R  Ribbon cassette (red)  5pcs(80m×5)/box
 LM-ST30W  2:1 heat shrink tube cassette (White 3.0mm)   5pcs(5m×5)/box
 LM-ST52W  2:1 heat shrink tube cassette (White 5.2mm)   5pcs(4m×5)/box
 LM-ST68W  2:1 heat shrink tube cassette (White 6.8mm)   5pcs(4m×5)/box
 LM-02-10  Cutter (cutter holder and cutting blade)  2pcs/box

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